Invisalign, the modern-day orthodontic aligner, is one of the most sought-after treatment solutions to treat a malocclusion. It offers certain exclusive features that traditional metal braces or any other clear aligners do not. Here are a few interesting facts about Invisalign that would give you a clear idea as to why it is the best orthodontic appliance out there.

SmartTrack Material

Invisalign, unlike most other clear aligners, is made from a revolutionary material called SmartTrack. Though it looks very similar to transparent plastic, its properties vary vastly from any plastic material. SmartTrack applies pressure on the surface of the teeth in a gentle and controlled manner. Using SmartTrack, dentists can precisely control the movement of the teeth to give a perfect smile to the patient. In fact, treatment using SmartTrack is up to 50% faster than that with any other clear aligner.

SmartTrack, as the name suggests, allows the dentist to precisely track the movement of the teeth. The prediction of the tooth movement is up to 75% more accurate in comparison to any other orthodontic system. On the other hand, most of the clear aligners are made from off-the-shelf plastic material, which does not offer the features that Invisalign does.

Straighten Teeth at your Comfort

Invisalign includes a customized treatment method that is specific to each patient. Meaning, we will diagnose your condition thoroughly and formulate a treatment plan to suit your needs. When it comes to fabricating clear aligners, no one does it better than Invisalign. The accuracy achieved while trimming the edges and corners of the aligners to prevent any injury to the gums is simply stunning. Thanks to the rounded-off edges, the chances of you getting injured due to the aligners are next to none.

Blue Compliance Indicators

Are you planning on bringing your teenage child to Invisalign treatment? That’s great! Invisalign Teen would be the best option for teens to get rid of their malocclusion. However, Invisalign has to be worn for at least 22 hours every day for the treatment to be fully effective. How would you make sure your teenage child wears the aligners at school and doesn’t take them off?

Invisalign has several blue dots on its inner surface. These dots do not affect the treatment in any way. The purpose of these dots is that they gradually turn invisible as and when they are worn. Meaning, if your child has used them regularly as instructed, the dots would have turned invisible by the end of the treatment phase. If not, the dots would still be visible. This is quite an effective way to keep track of your child’s orthodontic treatment.

We Offer You Only the Best

Invisalign has been considered as one of the best orthodontic aligners by dentists all over the world. The effectiveness and quality of the aligners are so good that the Invisalign system is backed by an unbelievable guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the treatment and don’t see the expected results even after six months of usage, you can switch to dental braces at no extra cost!

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