Sleep plays a significant role in our overall health. The muscles and other tissues of the body relax when we sleep, which gives them time to build energy for the next day’s activities. Without ample sleep, our entire day will feel incomplete and tiring. Not all of us are lucky enough to have uninterrupted deep sleep every single day. Sleep disorders such as snoring, bruxism, sleep apnea, etc. can keep you from getting quality sleep. A simple and effective solution to this common concern is a nightguard.

What are nightguards in Dunwoody, GA?

Nightguards are oral appliances used to reduce bruxism and other sleep-related health concerns. We offer customized nightguards to all our patients, depending on the severity of their condition and the contour of their teeth. Patients will have to wear the nightguards before going to bed. They have different purposes, of which the most prominent one is the prevention of bruxism and TMD.

How do nightguards in Dunwoody, GA prevent bruxism?

Patients may tend to grind their teeth while asleep subconsciously. This can build up tension in the TMJ and also wear the teeth excessively. A nightguard looks quite similar to an athletic mouthguard. It prevents contact between the teeth from both jaws, thereby preventing excessive wear of the teeth and reducing the stress experienced by the joints of the jaw. Since they are custom-fabricated, you will hardly feel the guard in your mouth while going to bed. If nightguards are not right for you, Botox may be a good option.

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