Dental emergencies such as broken teeth, injured soft tissues, cracked or chipped teeth, failed restorations, etc. are quite common. Athletes who train day in and day out are more susceptible to oral trauma. Most of us would just panic and not know what to do next when we get injured. Reacting swiftly and getting the necessary treatment is of prime importance in case of dental emergencies.

Common dental emergencies and how to handle them

Broken teeth: The teeth may break entirely or partially due to external oral trauma. It can be severely painful and may lead to bleeding. In such instances, remain calm and rinse the mouth with water to get rid of the debris and germs. Further, you may use a clean piece of gauze to apply pressure on the injured area and control the bleeding. Use a cold pack to reduce the swelling and provide relief from the pain. Rush to a dentist as soon as possible to get the first aid done.

Avulsed teeth: In case you get a completely avulsed tooth or tooth uprooted from the socket, it may still be put back in the mouth if you reach the dentist on time. If you find the tooth, hold it by the crown and rinse it with clean water. Do not touch the root as the microbes in your hand could infect it. Place it in a glass of milk and rush to a dentist at the earliest.

Injured soft tissues: Getting any bruises or cuts on your soft tissues is very important to avoid oral infections and further complications. Control the bleeding using a piece of gauze. You may use a cold pack to reduce swelling and pain. The dentist will examine your mouth and suggest suitable medication to facilitate optimum healing.

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