Zoom Whitening in Dunwoody, GA

Zoom Whitening in Dunwoody, GA

Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic dental procedure that can give you a better smile in a very short time. The process involves removing stains from the surface of the teeth, thereby giving you a brighter smile that you would very much love to flaunt around. This way, you would feel significantly more confident, and you’d naturally be more comfortable while socializing with people.

How do the teeth stain?

  • Improper brushing and flossing can leave a lot of microbes on the teeth. Over time, the microbes form a yellowish or brownish layer on the teeth and ruin the aesthetics of the smile.
  • Consuming a lot of colored foods, either artificial or natural, can leave a layer of coloring on the teeth. The coloring particles get deposited in the pores of the enamel and wouldn’t just go away with regular brushing.
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes are known to have several adverse effects on the human body, of which teeth staining is one.
  • The teeth naturally wear due to aging, during which the layer of enamel would erode gradually. The underlying dentin would become apparent, which makes the teeth look yellowish in appearance.

How can one get rid of teeth stains?

Teeth whitening is a huge boon to people with discolored teeth. The procedures we conduct are non-invasive and provide excellent results that last for a long time. Some of the popular techniques are conventional teeth whitening and whitening using customized trays. However, the most advanced one is Zoom whitening, which is a form of laser teeth whitening.

What is ZOOM?

  • ZOOM teeth whitening is, by far, the most advanced method of getting rid of the stains from the teeth surfaces. The procedure involves using a laser to accelerate the process, making it the quickest and most effective teeth whitening solution. Here is how the procedure is performed:
  • The teeth will be cleaned to remove the food debris, plaque and tartar deposits, etc. A rubber dam will be placed on the teeth to cover the gums and to prevent the interference of saliva.
  • The whitening gel, which contains up to 25% hydrogen peroxide, will be applied on the teeth and spread evenly. A suitable laser will be used to activate the gel, which produces a foam.
  • The oxygen molecules penetrate the pores and break the staining particles. However, they wouldn’t weaken or cause any harm to the tooth structure. The gel will be rinsed off with water.
  • The procedure would take between 30 to 45 minutes, and in the end, you will have sparkly white teeth that you would love to flaunt.

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