Extraction is the process of completely removing a tooth from the socket. There are various reasons behind dental extraction, such as removing impacted teeth, wisdom tooth extraction, cavities, root canal infection, orthodontic treatment, etc. The process is quite simple and usually doesn’t require more than a single visit to the dentist’s practice.

Need for an extraction

Cavities: Cavities are caused due to the microbial activity in the mouth. The microbes in the mouth can erode the enamel and decay the underlying tissues, thereby putting the tooth at risk. If it can’t be restored using fillings, we suggest you get it extracted to keep your oral health at an optimum standard.

Orthodontic treatment: Orthodontic treatment to get rid of malocclusion usually requires the removal of a tooth to make space for the movement of the remaining teeth. We will have to get teeth extracted from both sides of the jaw in such cases.

Wisdom tooth extraction: The wisdom teeth are the last ones to emerge. Sometimes, they tend to get stuck in the socket, which can lead to a lot of pain and give rise to infections. Dentists suggest getting an impacted tooth removed to save you from a whole lot of pain.

How is an extraction carried out?

The dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and determine the severity of your oral condition. We suggest an extraction only if it is absolutely necessary. Before commencing the procedure, we administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding tissues such as gums and jawbone. This keeps you from experiencing any pain or discomfort.

The tooth will firmly be held using dental forceps and shaken. This helps to loosen it from the socket, which makes it easier to be extracted. The tooth will be pulled out in one go, and you wouldn’t even feel any pain. Most patients say they feel pressure when the tooth is removed, but no pain at all. Further, the dentist will suggest suitable medication to avoid any infection and allow the extraction site to heal effectively.

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