Oral Sedation in Dunwoody, GA

Oral Sedation in Dunwoody, GA

Dentists commonly use oral sedation to manage pain and anxiety during dental procedures. It can be used for modest treatments such as teeth cleanings to more invasive procedures like dental implants. The dosage of the oral sedative drugs depends on the patient's anxiety level in the chair, body weight, and other medical problems. At Brightworks Dentistry, we use oral sedation to soften a patient's mood by bringing about a feeling of calm and contentment during their dental visit. 

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral sedation involves the use of sedative tablets to help overcome the fear and anxiety of patients. In this technique, drugs such as benzodiazepines are used. Drugs under this category provide relief for panic disorders, anxiety, PMS, and insomnia. The oral sedation medicines slow down activity in specific parts of the brain that control anxiety and fear. As a result, patients feel a sense of calm and relaxation.

What Are the Advantages of Oral Sedation?

There are many advantages of oral conscious sedation, including: 

  • Easy to Administer 

Sedative drugs are the easiest method of administering sedation, especially for dental procedures. However, it takes a little longer for the sedative to take effect. As a result, patients need to take the medications about an hour before the dental procedure. In some conditions, we may ask you to take the sedative pills at home and report to the office as per the schedule. However, you should have someone to accompany you to and from your home if you are sedated.

  • No Needles or Gaseous Odor

Many patients are scared of being jabbed with an injection to induce sedation, as is required in intravenous sedation. Some people are also disinclined to gases running through their noses to make them sedated. Oral sedation is an ideal solution for such patients. In oral sedation, all a patient needs to do is take a tablet before their dental visit.

  • Amnesia 

The effects of benzodiazepines leave patients with little memory of the treatment. All they may remember is that the dentist had worked inside the oral cavity. This helps eliminate the uneasiness that many feel during a dental procedure.

  • It's Safe

Oral sedatives are entirely safe for use and do not cause any side effects.

How Do Oral Sedatives Work?

After taking oral sedatives, you will feel numb, drowsy, and have a sense of calm. However, you will be awake and can respond to our instructions and suggestions. We may keep talking to you throughout the procedure to ensure that you are not falling asleep.

If you are interested in learning more about oral sedation techniques, call Brightworks Dentistry in Dunwoody, GA 30338 at (770) 458-3600 and schedule an appointment.

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