At Brightworks Dentistry, we care about the health and safety of our patients and staff. We have installed medical-grade air purifiers that circulate and remove aerosols every 15 minutes, which also includes viral particles. Using Medify Air, we can curb the spread of airborne pollutants and focus on providing protective hygiene. We always prioritize the safety of our patients and staff to make safe and healthy visits.


At Brightworks dental, we use an intraoral camera to visually screen the oral features and project the captured images on a computer screen in real-time. Previously, dentists used a concave mirror mounted on the end of a handle to get a better view of the teeth and gums. But now, the dentists can visually examine the teeth and other oral features to diagnose your oral condition to suggest a suitable treatment solution.


Digital X-rays are a boon to dental science. The images taken using x-rays provide an unparalleled view of the internal parts of the mouth, such as the tooth roots, jawbone, supporting tissues, etc. All this comes with minimal exposure to radiation, courtesy of our advanced x-ray device.


As the name suggests, the Conebeam CT scanning device uses a cone-shaped beam of light to map the oral features digitally. The beam of light will be projected towards the patient's face, who will be seated comfortably in the dental chair. The device revolves around the patient's head while projecting the light at them. The data obtained from the scan will be sent to a computer, which will display it on the screen. The dentist and patient can view the images in close up and from multiple angles to get a better view of the oral condition.


3D digital imaging is done using an advanced scanning technology called the CBCT or ConeBeam Computed Tomography. It gets its name from the conical beam of light that it projects on the patient's oral cavity to map out the oral features. It is, by far, one of the most sophisticated and advanced oral imaging systems available now. Using the 3D images rendered by it, dentists can analyze even the smallest details of the patient's teeth, gums, jawbone, and other oral features.


At Brightworks Dental, we also provide Beats headphones, Netflix, and Hulu during your dental appointment at Dunwoody, GA.

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