Dr. Shurley and his wife, Dr. Christine Shurley, welcomed their first child this Summer. Baby boy Shurley’s name is Durham, and he is just precious!

Fun Fact: We have TWO more Brightworks babies due to arrive!
Congratulations to Deb!

Many of you have been seeing Deb for your hygiene visits for up to the last 15 years, so we know you’re as excited for she and Ty as we are! They have a wedding coming up on November 26, 2022. You’ll have to be sure to ask her about it and share in the celebration when you see her next!


Here we grow again! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about another amazing doctor joining our team of dedicated professionals.

At Brightworks Dentistry, we are honored to have you as part of our dental family! 2022 has been an exciting year, and we wanted to share and recap some of the great news with you, in case you haven’t heard!

Advancing our Dental Tech

You might have noticed some slight changes in the way your forms, account, statements, and text reminders look. That’s because in August, we made a change in our practice management software that we are really excited about! Our new software is much more integrated with your patient chart, more patient friendly, and now you can complete your forms and pay your statements right to your patient account via text. So quick, easy, and secure!

Sleep Apnea Treatment

We are thrilled to share with you that we are now able to treat sleep apnea in our office. Dr. Shurley has been treating sleep apnea for years, and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to add this as a way we partner with you to treat your whole health at Brightworks!

Have you ever noticed or been told that you snore? Do you wake up not feeling rested or feel like you crash throughout the day? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, give us a call and schedule a sleep apnea consultation with Dr. Shurley to discuss your treatment option! 

    An Update to your Dental Coverage

    As we enter the latter part of the year, most patients enter open enrollment for their dental benefits, whether through their employers or the marketplace. We wanted to share a few details that may help you navigate open enrollment this season:

    Brightworks Dentistry is changing our relationship with a few insurance providers. As of 1/1/2023 we will no longer be considered an in-network provider for the Careington network.

    What does that mean?

    It simply means that insurance companies cannot dictate the types of procedures and materials that Brightworks offers and the associated fees. Does it mean  that you cannot come to Brightworks anymore, if you have these are no longer in-network?

    No way! With most insurances, there is not a stipulation that you must see an in-network provider to receive benefits, and benefit levels typically offer the same percentage of coverage for both in and out of network.

    Why would we do this?

    Unfortunately, these carriers don't allow us the flexibility to offer you care at the level that we believe you deserve. We make sure to use the best dental labs (so when you have a crown or other prosthesis, it’s coming from the best!), use the best materials (what we would want to be used for our treatment and will last as long as possible), stay on the forefront of technology (your comfort and convenience is important to us!), and schedule visits in a way that allows us to spend time with  you and not split our doctors and hygienists between multiple patients at a time (you’re the priority!). We take care to ensure that our fee schedules are fair for our area  by doing an annual fee analysis. You are our priority, and  providing you the absolute best is our mission.

    Have additional questions regarding this?

    We have a library of videos that we put together to talk through questions that we have heard from patients in the past. Check them out to see if we covered your question(s)! an-update-to-your-dental-coverage/

    If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for in the videos online, please don’t hesitate to call us at (770)458-3600, and our front office team will be happy to help.

    Be Brilliant Club

    We have some patients who find that the policies provided by either their employers or by the marketplace do not meet their needs. If you feel this way, we are here for you! At Brightworks Dentistry, we offer an in-office membership program, in lieu of dental insurance, called our Be Brilliant Club.
    There is a membership level to fit every need, and the appropriate membership is determined by individual dental history or necessity. The membership levels are:
    • Child Membership (eligible until age 14 or when patient has all permanent teeth),
    • Adult Basic (two visits per year),
    • Adult Premier (three visits per year- everyone benefits from an extra cleaning each year!),
    • Perio (for patients who have had or need periodontal/gum therapy and provides 4 periodon tal maintenance/ supportive therapy appointments per year).
    Benefits of the Be Brilliant Club Membership:
    • No annual maximum
    • No annual deductible
    • Coverage is effective for 12 consecutive months from the time of enrollment
    • Cleanings, periodic exams, fluoride, and xrays are included in membership (frequency outlined by membership level)
    • Unlimited emergency visits (limited exam and xrays taken)
    • 15% off ALL dental treatment
    • No surprise balances after claims are paid, no denials for treatment or lack of claim payment, and no instance where you have to contact dental insurance companies regarding these things!
    If you have any questions about anything we shared, visit us on our website or give us a call, and we will be happy to talk through them with you. We hope this newsletter allowed you to feel even more connected to your dental family, and we look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon!

    Thank you for trusting us with your care!

    -Your Brightworks Dentistry Family

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