Worst Foods For Oral Health

Posted by Patrice Robbins on Oct 12 2022, 02:32 AM

Worst Foods For Oral Health

Certain foods can negatively affect your oral health. These foods can cause tooth decay, weaken enamel, and make the teeth more sensitive. Here are some foods and beverages that are harmful to our oral health. 

  • Soft drinks

Soft drinks are the top worst food for oral health. Not only are they packed with sugar, but they are also highly acidic. This combination of sugar and acid can weaken your enamel and cause cavities and sensitivity. Additionally, some types of sodas contain phosphoric and citric acids, which can erode the protective surface of your teeth and lead to erosion. Erosion is when the acids wear away the outer layer of your tooth, which can lead to sensitivity and discoloration. The darker-colored sodas are the worst type of soda for your oral health due to the additives and dyes they add to their products. If you do consume soft drinks, make sure you use a straw to reduce contact with your front teeth. Also, make sure to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water afterward to remove the sugars from your teeth.

  • Sports drinks

Many sports drinks are made with artificial sugars and acids that can erode your teeth. Plus, they’re very high in sugar content, which increases your risk of cavities. Water is always the best option for staying hydrated before, during, and after exercise. 

  • Dried fruit

Dark fruits like raisins are generally a good choice for your oral health, as they contain nutrients that prevent oral diseases. However, dried fruits and nuts can get stuck in between your teeth and can cause plaque to accumulate. Are dried fruits bad for you? No, but be careful about eating them like you would eat any other snack. It’s best to eat them as part of a meal and rinse your mouth with water or chew sugar-free gum after consuming them. 

  • Candy

Candies like caramel and butterscotch, as well as hard candies, can be very damaging to your teeth. The sticky nature of these candies often allows sugar to linger on teeth for longer periods of time than other foods. This puts patients at a greater risk of tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth thrive on the sugar in these foods and produce acids that eat through tooth enamel. Sticky treats can also put unwanted stress on braces, causing them to come loose or break. Avoid indulging in sweets whenever possible, especially around Halloween when everyone seems to give out candy as a fun seasonal treat. If you do have to indulge in something sweet, try to brush or at least rinse your mouth with water as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage that can occur.

  • Sticky and hard foods

Some sticky foods that are high in sugar are harmful to your teeth and lead to tooth decay and cavities. The longer candy stays stuck to your teeth; the more time sugars have to attack your enamel! Also, avoid hard candies that may bend wires or damage brackets, and stick with softer options like pudding or yogurt instead. You can also drink milk or water after eating these treats to help wash them down.

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