Smile Freely With Implant-Retained Dentures

Posted by BRIGHTWORKS DENTISTRY on Sep 14 2020, 06:26 AM

Smile Freely With Implant-Retained Dentures

Dentures are replacement prosthetic teeth that are used by patients who have lost a significant number of natural teeth. They are made from ceramic and acrylic, which respectively mimic the appearance of the teeth and gums. The advancements in the field of dentistry have allowed dentists to fix dentures firmly in the mouth with the help of implants. This means restoring the teeth gives better stability and keeps the dentures from falling or slipping off.

What is the procedure involved?

The dentist will conduct a series of tests and take x-rays and scans of the mouth to get a better view of the remaining teeth and jawbone. This helps us determine your candidacy for implant-retained dentures. Placing implants will require a certain amount of jawbone to hold them firmly in place. Once your candidacy is confirmed, the data from the scans will be sent to a dental lab for fabricating the dentures.

The dentist will make tiny holes in the jawbone at specific positions and place metal implant studs in them. The implants are made from a highly strong and durable metal such as titanium and have grooves on their surface to hold the jawbone intact. A suitable healing period will be suggested by the dentist to allow the jawbone to grow around the implants so that they are held firmly.

Once the healing period is completed, the dentist will check the implants for stability. The dentures will be placed on the implants and made sure they fit perfectly in place. The dentures have slots underneath, where the implants fit. The dentures' fit and comfort will be checked, and if any changes are required, the dentist will make the necessary modifications.

Why implant-retained dentures?

  • When the teeth are extracted from the mouth, a small amount of jawbone may be removed along with the tooth roots. This can lead to jawbone shrinkage. Implants hold the bone structure intact and prevent its deterioration.
  • Implants give the dentures the required stability and ensure they do not fall off.
  • Biting and chewing food just like you used to before losing the teeth would be quite easy.
  • The dentures restore your facial shape as they make your cheeks and chin appear fuller.

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