Bruxism Solution: Custom Nightguards

Posted by Brightworks Dentistry on Oct 22 2021, 04:53 AM

Bruxism Solution: Custom Nightguards

Custom Nightguards are recommended to people suffering from bruxism. It means the people who habitually grind or clench their teeth require a custom nightguard to protect their teeth from getting damaged. Approximately ten percent of people suffer from this issue.

In this blog, we will provide you with a detailed overview of custom nightguards.

Types of Custom Nightguards

Different types of custom nightguards address particular intensities of the grinding, Choosing the appropriate nightguards involves factors like the severity of the teeth grinding. Here are the different nightguard types:

Hard Nightguards

These types of nightguards are used by people with massive symptoms of grinding and clenching of teeth. It is made of firm and highly durable plastic with a thickness of 1.5mm. It fits perfectly as it gets soft in warm water. It can last up to five years based on the severity of teeth grinding.

Soft Nightguards

These nightguards are the best for people with light grinding and clenching issues. Made from flexible vinyl, it is 1.5mm thick and lasts for approximately 6 months to two years.

Hybrid Nightguards

This type of nightguard is used by people experiencing moderate to heavy teeth grinding or clenching. It is made up of dual-laminate with a thickness of 2mm. It contains a hard exterior and a soft interior. Depending on the extent of the issue, it can last for one to three years.

Benefits of Custom Nightguards

The custom nightguards offer the following benefits to the person using them.

Protects From Tooth Damage

Many people are not aware of the extent to which bruxism can damage their teeth until the dentist examines them. It results in the wearing out of the protective enamel, thereby making your teeth vulnerable to several dental problems. Custom nightguards prevent you from these painful complications in the future.

Prevents Dysfunctioning of TMJ

Having a TMJ disorder dramatically impacts the chewing muscles, joints, and associated tendons and ligaments. It encompasses similar side effects and is as complicated as bruxism. It is also one of the factors for this disorder. However, with the help of custom nightguards, you can obtain relief from TMJ disorder.

Provides Relief From Pain and Tension

A person suffering from bruxism tends to experience a severe toothache, tooth sensitivity, and jaw and neck pain. Having a custom nightguard eliminates all the stress and tension on your teeth, muscles, and joints, thereby reducing the pain.

Therefore, having a custom nightguard is essential if you are dealing with night bruxism.


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